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About JameS

James’ passion, ambition, and drive are exemplified by his motto “speak not only to the mind of man but also the heart.“ 

Being incarcerated from the age of 17-25, James has committed to serving people throughout his community and beyond. James’ commitment and dedication to transforming people at a crossroads in their lives are incomparable.  


Recognized as “The Basics Speaker'' for his relatable and creative style, he brings awareness to those who struggle with reaching and understanding their full potential.

James mental approach towards helping individuals developed 20 years ago working alongside Fortune Society with those struggling with re-entry back into the community. He then continued his journey by working with the homeless, substance abusers, troubled teenage/young adults, and those struggling with mental illness, at the Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center in New York.


Honored by Mayor Bloomberg in 2006, he became Director of Prevention Services and worked alongside the Department of Health of New York, he strategically planned and developed many preventive services throughout the world. 

Realizing the importance of mental and physical health, he broadened his self-development approach by engaging in the health and fitness industry. James along with his training and expertise in nutrition became a consultant and life coach. He worked alongside clients helping those struggling with self-care and finding balance with creating a strategic planned lifestyle. Not only has he counseled others to achieve their goals, but he has also become a bodybuilder and has won many competitions nationwide since 2012. He believes that peak health is true health, and activities give wonders and high cognition, energy, and productivity. "Those who lose their good health, spend the rest of their lives trying to recover it."

Currently providing Motivational Speaking to those in corporate businesses, colleges, youth programs, and non-profit agencies, he provides a common sense approach to living a successful, satisfying, professional, and personal life.


Mr. Motley drives the message that investing in your purpose is a part of finding true peace; Living by the quote, “The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside while we live.”

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